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The establishment of Sanyo Machine (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a new step of Sanyo Machine Co.,Ltd. marching forward the Asian market.

As a professional machinery trading company specialized in providing special machine, we focus on clients¡¯ sense of security as the main value orientation, continually challenging ourselves and expecting to make contributions to society.

In our opinions, not only users but also manufacturers are our most important clients and most crucial partners for business cooperation. We are really looking forward to jointing our business functions so as to achieve users¡¯ and manufacturer¡¯ sense of security.

Developed in the label of ¡°Made in Japan¡±, Sanyo Machine Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to the Japanese and even the global product manufacture. Based on the main value orientation of sense of security, the professional team (No. 2 Production Technological Department) for supporting clients¡¯ product manufacture maintains a sustainable development with clients.

In the dynamic global and the Chinese economic markets, aimed at realizing sense of security, we provide clients with comprehensive concretized solutions in such aspects as machinery design, manufacture, sale, repair and maintenance etc according to their needs by assembling existing commodities, database, networks, rich achievements and experience in special production equipment, dedicated to assisting clients to obtain business success as a project partner.

It is our permanent ambition to be enlisted as a reliable partner of our clients and other business partners and a contributing enterprise beyond national boundaries!



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