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About us:
Our Company is a professional machinery trading corporation specialized in the design, manufacture, sale and repair of machines, aiming at clients¡¯ sense of security, providing comprehensive machine solutions.

Our advantages:
Quite familiar with machines, especially the features of Japanese ones; Skilled in offering clients the most effective introduction plans for specialized manufacture equipment and production lines through site inspection and integrated analysis.
As a support unit (No. 2 Production Technological Department) of production techniques for clients, we are able to present all-round technical support to clients, and meet their demands for respective production links.

Our businesses:
Based on clients¡¯ requirements, provide consultancies for technology, and enter into research and develop effective mechanical process techniques together;
Put forward the most effective comprehensive solutions for equipment introduction in compliance with clients¡¯ demands for process;
Provide various technical supports including after-sales repair and maintenance;
Presentation of Japanese process business for mechanical components;
Import and export of machinery and equipment;
Promote the cooperation between China and Japan in machinery and equipment through exchange of technology;

Our service concept:

GC-General Contractor(The overall project leader)

Familiar with respective links of business operation, and provide comprehensive project programs for clients;
Coordinate demands of clients and manufacturers under the goal of maximization of clients¡¯ benefit and promote the implementation of projects;
As a support unit (No. 2 Production Technological Department) for clients¡¯ production techniques, take effect to ensure the realization of projects

TS-Total Solution(Offer of integrative solutions)
Security, reliability, association and cooperation as our tenet;
Our capability of design and manufacture and technological competence as the basis;
Our achievements and experience in the manufacture in the global production workshop as assurance;
Provide the most effective equipment and technology in consideration of clients¡¯ demands, and help them realize the general goal of productivity upgrade, energy conservation and environment protection.

JFY-Just For You(Personalization of the solutions)
Exchange of technology as our means;
Site concept as our principle;
Provide personalized services and equipment most suitable for production sites for clients through research and discussion of technology.

Our goals:
Spare no efforts to achieve clients¡¯ sense of security and become a reliable business partner of clients for long-term cooperation;
Provide clients with their potential clients¡¯ information, and create derivative values;
Offer clients comprehensive solutions on respective aspects of machinery such as design, manufacture, sale and repair etc, so as to realize clients¡¯ success in their businesses;
Make contributions to society;


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