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We provide the series of environmental products as below, widely used in industrial machinery, metal and non-metallic materials, electrical household appliances and other fields. We hope that through the sale and development of the environmental protection series products, to protect irreplaceable, and the Earth's environment important for a power!

¡ñ Antirust/ Lubricant/ Active Agent/ Protective Agent
¡¡ (Lanoguard & Lanotec)
¡ñ Degreasing and decontamination agent (CITRA-FORCE)
¡ñ Bio T Graffiti Buster §±?
¡ñ Decoking agent (Bio T Burnt Buster)
¡ñ Deoiling agent (Foam)
¡ñ Deodorization finishing agent/ Air refreshing agent (ECOZOA)
¡ñ Negative-ion air purifier

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